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We're With You

Townsend Building Supply will be here to help you during hurricane season. When there is a major storm on the way, we’ll be regularly updating our Facebook page with store information & community resources. We do this because we want everyone to stay safe. Follow Us On Facebook

What You Need To Weather The Storm

Hurricane preparedness is key to weathering the storm. A little prep-work can save time, expenses, and lives. Here's a list of some items you should have on hand during hurricane season. Many of these items can be purchased earlier, and stored for times of need. 





Plywood/OSB Sheets


Surge Protectors

Sand & Sand Bags

Gasoline/Gas Cans


Sump Pump

Bottled Water

Chain Saw

Duct Tape


Trash Bags


Food (3-7 day supply)


Metal Roof Straps

Eye Protection

Shutter Hardware

Tools (wrench, pliers, crowbar)

Plastic Sheeting

Plastic Storage Totes

Trailer Anchors

Be Ready To Go

Staying safe may mean having to leave your home. Here is what you can prepare to keep your family comfortable in the event you can't stay in your home.

Useful Resources & Disaster Prep List

To best serve the community & give everyone access to supplies, we’re selling on a first-come, first served basis. Additionally, generators purchased are non-returnable.