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Best in Class Customer Service at Townsend Building Supply

At Townsend Building Supply we strive each and everyday to provide our customers with superior customer service not found at other lumber and building material stores.  Here are just a few of our key services that separate us from the competition.

In-Store Services

Friendly and Knowledgeable Service

At each of our stores you will find friendly and knowledgeable employees committed to help our customers solve any of their project needs or problems.  Our employees have the experience necessary to recommend the correct products for your project.

Hands-On Service

Our store and yard staffs will assist you in loading your materials into your vehicle or trailer.  We don’t make you wander around our stores or warehouses looking for and loading your own material.  You won’t find any lumber carts at Townsend Building Supply, just friendly employees ready to help!

Project Estimates

Need help budgeting for a project or determining if your dreams fit into your budget?  We can help you with that.  Whether you have a list of materials, a detailed set of plans or something drawn on a napkin, we can provide you with a material estimate

Special Orders

Although we stock a wide selection of products in all our stores, your project may require a special product that we may not have on hand.  Through our extensive network of suppliers we have access to thousands of products that can each be ordered at any time.  Just talk to one of our associates at any of our stores to inquire about ordering a special order product.

Other Services


We have our own dedicated fleet of delivery vehicles.  Don’t have a truck or a trailer?  Let us bring the material to you.  For a nominal fee based on the delivery distance and the size of your order we can deliver your order directly to your project location.  For large orders or projects we even offer free delivery.


If you are a business, contractor, government entity or an individual with a large project to complete we offer in-house credit to make your material acquisitions easier.  We offer monthly billing and can send your statement to you via US Postal Service, fax, email or via our secure website. Click here to download a credit application.

Online Account Access

Through our secure online customer portal we offer our customers the ability to view their invoices, credit notes, orders and quotes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  From the convenience of your home or office you can reprint orders, quotes and invoices and even generate your own statements.  You can also generate reports showing you all the items you have purchased for your project.  If you use QuickBooks you can even download all transactions into your software with just a few clicks of the mouse.  If you are already an account holder, click here to request access to your account via our secure online customer portal.


Our truss plant is located in Dothan, AL.  We have a state-of-the-art truss plant and are capable of manufacturing roof and floor trusses for any project large or small.  Whether you are building a barn, a house, a school or an apartment complex we have a design team that can design it and a manufacturing team to build it.  Save money, time and material waste by letting us manufacture your next roof or floor system.